UPL. The results of the 1st half of the season. Dawn

Forecast Football.ua before the start of the season: 3rd place.

The current location in the table: 3rd place.

Absolutely clear before the start of the season was the fact that dawn will settle down in third place, at least in the first stage of the championship. In order to make the team was higher was supposed to happen something incredible with the absolute failure of at least one of the two giants. To dawn lower level of quality had to get someone from the teams pursuers Alexandria or Vorskla. This did not happen. And the first part of the season ended for the team Yuri Vernidub is quite a natural result.

Although, of course, the option with the absolute failure of Grand existed for Dinamo the championship so far, one of the worst in history. But at the same time, dawn was rising, though intermediate in second place, still unable to cope with a busy schedule. Because the conclusion is the following: Dynamo has created all the conditions for the Dawn, so that she is now firmly and confidently settled on the second place. However, during the championship it turned out that the Dawn no less (though of a different nature), but because Luhansk were not able to use the resulting chance.

If to speak in detail about the problems of the team, we need to note a few things began to Dawn key. First, most of the players for the first time played in such a tight schedule (Yes, it was not as hard as if the majority of players played regularly would have for the national teams, but still Ukrainians are not used to play so often), and at the end of the game, many could not stand the players one after the other admitted that the forces they have on the outcome. However, even without their confessions could see how gorged individual performers. In this case, dawn for the first time played in the Europa League group stage, and therefore, of course, could not ignore this tournament – too much emotion and effort was spent Luhansk it is on the margins of the European battles. As a result, at the finish of the first part the team had a series with one win in six matches with three defeats (one in the Cup).

Secondly, the bench, the team turned out to be shorter than expected: not all players were able to Express themselves in the game system, which is built in the Dawn of the coaching staff Yuri Vernidub. For example, Kulach by the standards of the Ukrainian championship striker is very good. But in Lugansk the team, he frequently looked on the field a foreign body, because it just doesn’t fit the football Dawn. After all, what team are unable to safely rebuild after the departure of Budkovskiy is too clear all the time. And when at the end of the autumn part of the leaders looked more and more tired, it just requires the use of rotation. So, your chances got Bezborodko, Yarmash and Checher, Sable lost his place in the starting lineup and played regularly on the left, Sukhotsky, in the middle line is also systematically from match to match and used different combinations of players. But the result remained unsatisfactory.

And, thirdly, a separate item you need to take the issue forward. Moreover, it is itself directly and repeatedly said Yuriy vernydub. Dawn for several years looking for a classy striker, but so far the club have failed. According to the head coach, the team’s results could be better if the edge played a really strong striker.

However, you need to understand that good was still more, because the dawn retains her third place and just three points behind Dynamo. The main thing – Yuri vernydub and the company is able to demonstrate stability, being for a long time at a high level. In the second part of the championship and in the second stage of the Luhansk can receive a chance to compete with Dinamo, considering the small gap and head to the matches. But this will be possible only in case the quality of the transfer campaign.

Best player: Alexander Karavaev.

It is the midfielder laid the biggest burden, because he played the most game time. At the same time, Alexander is still not only went to the national team, but also played there. In the championship Karavayev became the best player of his team according to goal + assist system.

Top scorer: Alexander Karavaev – 6 goals.

Also on the bill Alexander 4 assists – a great half for the quarterback.

The best match: Dynamo – Zorya – 0:1.

In Kyiv, Yuriy Vernidub’s charges could both lose and win. But most of the match, the visitors were focused on defence. And even if the match ended with the score 0:0, Zarya would take home a positive result. But the last attack of the match ended with a goal Opanasenko, which does bring the Dawn of victory at the Olympic.

Worst match: Dnipro – Zorya – 2:0.

Dnipro this season, beat Dawn twice, but the match at the Dnipro-Arena stands out given that the dawn lost without any chance.

Opening: Alexei Shevchenko.

Goalkeeper who appeared in the Zaporozhye Metallurgist, has resumed its stable performances in the Premier League only this season – after returning to Shakhtar Nikita Shevchenko. In the end, Alex has become an indispensable number one in the Dawn and got a call from the national team.

Disappointment: Paulinho.

The Brazilian lost the competition and on the cutting edge, and on the flanks of the attack, and therefore appeared in the starting lineup a total of 6 times, and 11 matches came on as a sub. In the asset Paulinho just 1 goal.