Trump urged to stop arguing about the hacker attacks and “move on”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration plans to announce retaliatory measures in connection with the Russian hacker attacks on the eve of elections in the United States

The US President-elect Donald trump on Wednesday offered the United States and Russia to stop arguing about attacks by Russian hackers on computers of the Democratic party, saying that “we need to move on”.

Trump has expressed doubt on the conclusions of American intelligence that Russian hackers stole information from the computers of the Democratic party and posted it on the Internet to help Trump to win the election.

The Obama administration on Thursday plans to announce retaliatory measures against Russia in connection with hacker attacks on the political institutions of the United States and individuals with the subsequent leak of information. This was reported by two American officials.

Answering the question whether the United States to impose sanctions against Russia, trump said, “I Think we need to move on. Think computers has seriously complicated our life. Itself computer age has led us to a place where nobody exactly knows what’s going on”.

Trump made the announcement while in Mar-a-Lago, his estate on the coast of Florida, where he spends Christmas and new year holidays, at the same time meeting with candidates for positions in his administration.

Trump said he did not know about the statement made earlier by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that Russia and President Vladimir Putin should expect tough sanctions in connection with attacks.

“I haven’t talked to the senators, but will do it after some time,” he said.