The Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine: “We are the only country in Asia that supported Ukraine in the Crimea and gave sanction to the teeth Russian invaders”

Despite the fact that Japan is not a member of the OSCE Mission, the country helps Ukraine resolve the problems of displaced persons and refugees from the territory of the occupied Donbas. The Japanese government has allocated funds for the restoration of the destroyed cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Shigeki Sumi,
the 25th anniversary of the recognition of the Country of the Rising Sun of independence
Of Ukraine, stressed that his country remains the only one in Asian
the continent, which have imposed sanctions against Russia because of annexation of the Russian
army of the Crimea, reports “Ukrainian service 1492news”.

“In addition to
this is considering the annexation by the Russian Federation of the Crimea and the situation in the Donbass
Japan on the principle of non-recognition changes the status quo by use of force
the only state in Asia, which imposed sanctions against Russia”,
– said Sumi.

In addition
this, the Japanese Ambassador recalled that recently, his government supported
the UN resolution on human rights in Crimea. And despite the fact that
Japan is not a member of the international monitoring mission of the OSCE, the country
deals with issues of refugees from the territory of Donbass controlled by Pro-Russian
to the separatists.

it is known that Japan has provided financial assistance for reconstruction of destroyed

as a member of the “Big seven” and will continue
to support Ukraine in implementing reforms,” said Shigeki Sumi.

By the way, 2017
was declared in Ukraine as the year of Japan.

previously, Japan reassured
Ukraine, saying that the weakening of economic sanctions against Russia will

As reported, President of Ukraine, Petrolatina and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe discussed the preservation of sanctions against Russia.