The top 10 Coach reviews 2016

The most popular reviews with our readers, this year, covered everything from all the new models are older but still awesome cars. Predictably, Suvs and hot hatches popular…

Read our top 10 reviews according to the readers below.

Autocar’s top 10 cars reviews, 2016 are the following:

1 – Jaguar F-Pace

Without doubt, 2016 is the year of the SUV, with many prominent manufacturers in the introduction of their first high-riding model.

This was particularly true for Jaguar, the F-Pace SUV received a four-star review in the hands of our testers, has garnered praise for its handling prowess, sporty looks and plenty of practicality and space. We were not, however, so fond of its firm ride, imperfect steering of balance and a bit dull diesel engine.

Yet, this is one of the most engaging Suv around and a firm favourite of 2016, with his online journal, collecting nearly twice the number of “hits” from the second-placed car.

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2 – Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen is the hottest model, the 296bhp Golf R, has been our second most popular review of the year – and for the second year in a row.

We have given the Golf R four and a half stars, with our favourite bits including its excellent road-holding, keen pricing and the disable totally the-a ESP. That niggling half-star was taken for a shaky ride and the lack of a throaty engine note.

You want one? It will set you back £30,845, although it seems that many of you are considering one, or at least window shopping.

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3 – BMW X1

Another four-star SUV to make it to our top online 10 this year has been the BMW X1 – BMW’s smallest soft-roader offering.

The X1 has improved the practice over its first-generation predecessor, plus it is a plush interior and the handles as well as you could ask for. But it was not particularly powerful performance, it is a bit expensive, it is not as effective as it could be, and this is another SUV let down by its ride quality.

However, our review of the X1 made quite an impression, being beaten in popularity by the Golf R by a narrow margin.

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4 – Tesla Model S

Some car manufacturers made more effect in 2016 Tesla, with the Model X and the Model 3 is introduced and announced respectively.

But it is the S Model which has had the most impact so far, and consistently since 2013. We have been seduced by its long range, stylish appearance, comfort and ease of use so that we have granted a four-and-a-half-stars. Why not five stars? The long loading time, imperfect, steering and transmission nannying.

With the Model S still going strong, who knows how well the revision of the Model 3 will go down?

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5 – Ford Focus RS

The mega-hatch king is back, and in this short period of time, it has become our fifth most popular of the review of 2016.

We love it for its extraordinary handling, value for money and the feeling you get from driving, in spite of his slightly to the side of the driver’s seat, the position, the bumpy at low speeds and the engine is not quite up to the height for the rest of the car’s excellence. Those who did not prevent it from getting a five-star rating, the first in our top 10 reviews.

All in all, we believe that it is the best megahatch you can buy, trouncing all competition, German or otherwise.

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6 – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

We have lost the Veyron in 2015, although its replacement, the Chiron, seems determined to continue his work in the style.

The Veyron Super Sport, swan song of the car that revived the hypercar of the race, we showed how the performance, the presence on the road and high-speed stability, while its tire noise, considerable weight, and £1.2 million of awards have been disturbed enough for the cost of half a star in our final rating.

Once behind the wheel of the Chiron next year, there is a strong chance it will be in 2017 the end of the year top 10 review of the list, but until then, the Veyron Super Sport.

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7 – Mercedes-Benz GLC

The GLC meets the ever-expanding category of small SUV, albeit a bit more exclusive, high-end sector.

Mercedes’ second-smallest SUV has nice style inside and outside, on the side, as well as decent performance. We did not like the car fragile, the quality of driving (which has been something of a theme among our top 10), in a significant way the quality of the whole package is how the car is specified, or its numb steering. For the latter, we have docked a star.

The popularity of this segment is proven by the number of Suvs in our top 10, and the GLC is not the last.

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8 – BMW M2

BMW’s new M-car has already caused quite a stir, and is in the running to be one of the best M-badged models ever made.

We gave him four and a half stars, with that half star taken away for disappointing interior quality, a stability control system failure by Porsche and – due to the huge demand for the M2 – a long waiting list. It is a hard-earned four-and-a-half, even if, with our testers especially love his frame, muscle, appearance and practice in relation to its rivals.

In just six months, the M2 has reached the seventh place in our top 10 tests of the year and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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9 – Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the 10 most popular cars in the country, so it’s understandable that he appears in our top 10 most popular reviews.

It’s another four-and-a-half-star car, thanks to a plush interior, with its fine dynamic qualities and impressively low running costs. There’s really not much wrong with the Qashqai, with the exception of the weedy standard stereo and equipment that is not in the category of best.

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10 – Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes new E-Class is one of the most important new models for the brand. The C-Class has been one of the 10 best-selling cars of 2016, so Mercedes hopes the E-Class to continue this success.

We particularly like the E-Class of all, and it is only slightly disappointed by a simplicity of the driving experience, with others in the class offering the most dynamic of the call. The car’s oversized grille, also raised eyebrows, but all in all, the E-Class has been improved over the old model in almost every way.

Watch for the final drive recording data every month to find out if the E-Class usurps his older yet smaller C-Class sibling to the registration of the supremacy.

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