Rock: I want to win medals in the Premier League

It should be noted that 31-year-old running back is a graduate of Luhansk, for the first team which with a break for one season in Mariupol Illichivets acts since 2004.

And in March, the captain of the Dawn, which has never been called in the location of the youth national teams of Ukraine, made his debut in the national team.

“Can I say that my football dreams came true, a life in football is possible? Can’t say that all tasks and goals set before myself, I was able to accomplish. I want to win medals of the championship of Ukraine,” said rock in an interview with the official club website.

“Give me bronze? It is difficult to answer this question, but you always want to achieve more. I want to write his name in the history of Lugansk Dawn as many times as possible”.

“I made 10 years ago that I will play against such teams as Manchester United, Fenerbahce and Feyenoord? Then I was not thinking so globally. Began to think only after he returned at the Dawn of the final third. Yes, some years we struggled for survival, but I saw that there is a formation of the team. Changed people, but we had a certain line of development of the club. We then had stability and minds gradually have already been about the big matches.”