“Only the power leverage to force Putin to understand that the war in Ukraine is a trap for Russia”: Butusov on disappointing Outlook of the occupiers after Svetlodarsk arc

Fighting under Svetlodarsk again reminded the society that the war continues, and that the great war separates us only a thin chain of strong points. December 18-22, near the village of Kalynivka in a small area of front died a heroic death of 9 Ukrainian soldiers. What happened under Svetlodarsk and what are the consequences of these battles? Svetlodarsk clearly showed that the war will not go away, and in a number of sectors of the front to achieve a ceasefire is possible only after the destruction of the enemy. And the situation will not calm down — on the contrary, worsen. The incident is not the beginning of a major war, this is the everyday life of the local war, unusual only by the fact that in this case no one wanted to retreat, and this area has important tactical value.

In the area
Svetlodarsk strip of responsibility of the 54th mechanized brigade APU, where
the band of the 25th infantry and 1st mechanized battalions of this brigade
is the ridge of the heights upon which the enemy’s defenses between occupied
Russian troops debaltseve and Uglegorsky. This whole area in terms of
the Minsk agreement 2015 shall be under the control of Ukrainian troops
however, the Russian command in violation of the agreement continues to hold our
the ground and does not stop there fighting.

In particular, with
the enemy in front of the villages of Lohvynove and Kalinovka are height 223 and
216, which are strongholds of the 3rd battalion of the 7th infantry
brigade of the 1st army corps of the Russian occupation forces. The surrender of these
heights would have forced the enemy to fall back for several miles to the South.
On 29 June the 1st and 25th battalions together with a detachment of volunteers of the “Right
sector”, attacked and took the enemy strongpoint at altitude 223.

However, after
several hours of fighting our detachment got the order to leave and return to
the source position. That battle killed a well-known volunteer, singer Vasyl Slipak and
also two more Ukrainian soldiers. The reasons why the headquarters of the ATO gave
order to keep our occupied an advantageous position, not officially
voiced, but obviously this is a strange decision could not have motivation
in addition to political considerations. Two soldiers died during the retreat, not
during capture of height. If the height did not pass, the current fighting took place
would be a completely different scenario.

After that, resonance
the battle, the enemy has taken measures to strengthen the defense in the area. Russian
command concentrated in this area of the battery of artillery of the Russian
the regular troops in the Donbas were held ranging as Ukrainian positions
and their own forward positions in case of their capture. Also
the gain of the 3rd battalion, the enemy sent additional units,
particular, of the 13th battalion of territorial defense.

In order
to secure the commanding heights 223 and 216, the enemy decided to create a advanced
positions between them in the forest plantation, located between our and enemy
positions in front of the heights. There was equipped with four fortified positions,
which, in turn, was partially visible from the nearby heights and could
hide behind the fire. Positions in the forested area allowed the enemy to create
threat to the defense of the 54th brigade.

In terms of
the local trench warfare war is always here for such forests, skyscrapers,
who many months is units, in whose band they
are. In the great war this grove with an area of less than one
square kilometers and these four positions would include one howitzer
the artillery battalion mixed with soil in one day. But local war is on
his diplomatic logic of the consumption of ammunition large caliber
should not be allowed. So month after month continued shooting from
infantry weapons. The enemy tree planting has received the designation
“Magic forest”. Was it wiser not to attack the enemy and keep
the lives of people?

It’s hard to say.
But this is war and if you don’t respond blow for threat, it does not mean you
can avoid danger. On 18 December the enemy made another
probing and shelling of our positions from “the Magic forest”. In response
were collected shock group up to platoon, which with three infantry fighting vehicles attacked
“Magic forest”. For the enemy attack was completely
unexpected — the militants left four dead, all the weapons and all four positions
in the woods, and fell back on the commanding heights.

despite previously deployed defenses, light damage — hit by caterpillar
only got one BMP, and was immediately restored. Our took
two positions of the four forest — two others did not occupy because they
they could see the enemy from the heights.

three Ukrainian soldiers who went ahead and were in sight of the enemy with
the flank positions have died. The bodies of two of them to evacuate under fire not
managed, took them the enemy. To destroy and suppress the enemy on the heights
only artillery fire failed. The operation was carried out a small
forces on a small limited area. And the height during this sortie
our not attacked. Since observation and firing positions of the enemy on
the heights 216 and 223 survived, escaped from “the Magic forest”
the unit was able to come out, and after a few hours the enemy
regained control. Interestingly, of the howitzer battalion of the 7th brigade,
according to Russian sources, had been in this moment far away on the ground and in
the battle did not participate.

However, the enemy
imposed on basic commodities and engaged in the forest Russian heavy
artillery. The result of the massive bombardment, our troops suffered losses —
there are new victims. 18 Dec killed 6 Ukrainian soldiers from structure
The 1st and 25th battalions. Two more were killed the next day, and another 22
Dec. This is data directly from the staffs of these units at the front.
At the height of 223 and 216, the enemy brought up reserves, tactical, armored vehicles,
however, all attempts of counter-attacks were repulsed by our fire, despite the constant
the shelling.

On 18 and 19 December
artillery shelling of our positions was really massive, with
a large consumption of ammunition. Our artillery answered adequately. However
to suppress the enemy artillery at the various subjective and objective reasons
failed. Currently in this area of continuing intense
fire with the use of infantry weapons, artillery is also used
active, but the number of attacks and the intensity of fire is significantly
reduced. Our troops firmly hold the new employed position in
“gray area”.

fighting in the small confined area being in a small area
front, and unusual scale 2016, the year is only density
the use of artillery. Unfortunately, the local activity in a small area
front, with nepodaleku and is not attacked by flanking the enemy positions led
to serious losses. However, now our units are eliminated
advanced positions of the enemy threatening our flanks. And Vice versa, created
the threat of the enemy strongholds on the heights 216 and 223.

It only remains
regret that, in fact, for a departure from the height 223 of by order of the command again in
the second time had to pay with their lives. However, this time furnished
been evaluated adequately, and the forest, for which he has paid so dearly, to take anybody
not going to. Some interesting insights in terms of combat capability
of the enemy. In the battle vividly demonstrated the problems of low combat capability of the Russian
the occupation forces. The enemy could not stand the melee and almost immediately ran
a while could not regain control of troops. The enemy failed
to organize a counterattack, despite the nomination of reserves, the presence of a strong
artillery support and ruling over the area of the Supervisory

And what conclusions
for us? It would be wise to still tactical action began
analyse and train your troops is good, this is bad, it happened, it
no. However, to wage war in small groups of infantry at any one
a small section of the front, with nepokalenow artillery and the enemy’s defenses,
the calculation only tactical surprise — is fraught with losses.

For this
problems on the defensive front should be a problem is not only one commander
battalion and brigade commander. Sections of the front where the enemy is contact
battle, where the position of dangerous approach, does not require compliance with the peace
agreements. Loss in this kind of operations can be reduced. Military
the command has to get the task to fight, to solve this kind of problem.

To fight in this
the case is not to come to Donetsk. To fight is to eliminate the threat
our troops on those fronts where the enemy sneaks in our
defense. And this is the area Popasnaya, Svetlodarsk, Gorlovka, Avdeevka, Marinka,
Sands, Dokuchaevsk, Water, Shirokino. Responsibility for the successful
tactical actions must take on the generals and not just battalion commanders. Below
to reduce losses in the fighting in small areas of the front, military science requires
applications where large forces and means. To attack on a wider front,
with the strikes in a wider band, so that the enemy could not quickly
to localize our actions, discover concentrate on a small area all
their reserves and artillery, and had to be dispersed.

Of course,
such operations need new ways to prepare the infantry for independent action,
serious training individually and in small groups. It is necessary to prepare and
to train artillery to defeat the purposes of walked quickly and with a minimum
consumption of shells. Need serious artillery preparation, suppression
the enemy’s defensive fire. With the accumulation of reserves for fastening and rotation on
the occupied positions. With the exploration in real time. With the organization
counter-battery fire.

Only this
will save lives. To do this the army needs to prepare for a real local war, which
being in such forests and skyscrapers. And will be for many more years.
If such operations were carried out according to the plan, if such
operations troops prepared starting from training centers that Ukraine would be able to knock
the most important human resource of the enemy, its morale. Fighting for
Svetlodarsk showed that despite the low completeness of our troops,
problems with staffing the Russian army corps more and more
sharper. Especially a big problem at the enemy infantry in numbers
and motivation. They can and should beat, and with the right preparation loss
these local operations will not be more than the normal seat
trenches. But the effect on enemy combat losses is huge.

We can’t
to compete with the Russians in the number of old Soviet weapons in Donbas
they will deliver no less. But we can knock out the enemy what they truly
not enough. The army must prepare on the polygon that is to the local
operations, to act independently of the infantry, to the competent tactical
action on limited sectors of the front. So this will be the future of war
in the Donbas.

Without a military solution
without the presence of the military and law enforcement tools of influence, without destroying the
invaders in the Donbas — every day, in their rear and on the front line, we can
and nothing will change the situation on the diplomatic front. Only the power levers
will be able to get Putin to understand that the war in Ukraine is a trap. From which
need to quickly get out of, and away from the Donbass.

an effective method of convincing the Kremlin to get out of Ukraine is an increase in the number
graves in the Russian front. And is to minimize our losses.

The bright memory
died near Svetlodarsk. They were all volunteers, they were not
the first year, it was all true patriots of Ukraine, people with serious
motivation. Very painful to lose each of them. Indispensable in the modern world

Each defender
Ukraine, every true Soldier is a loss, which is immense. And
the main task of the Ukrainian leadership to fight to dramatically change
the ratio of losses and to value every life.

To appreciate its
the war is so professional and efficient way to destroy the enemy.

Yury Butusov