By the false propaganda of the Kremlin will be dealt a powerful blow to Washington, the media learned the details of the audacious Obama’s decision

President Barack Obama gave the order to start work on the creation of a center that would engage in anti-foreign propaganda and false information, which the Kremlin and third world countries flooded the Western media.

This is reported by American media with reference to
the President signed the budget of the Ministry of defense.

The centre will become part of the state Department. On his
create thrown considerable resources and supervision of the Minister of defence and
Secretary of state.

The task of the centre will be monitoring and evaluation
foreign materials that threaten state security.
One of the tasks of the center will be providing support materials that will
to refute the false facts propaganda.

The staff of the new structures will be to define the basic
the direction of foreign propaganda and develop a response strategy of refuting false
data. Experts positively noted the establishment of this center, which
will be able to contribute to Ukraine in countering Russian propaganda about Crimea
and the Donbass, which has swept the European and American media.

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