Republicans hope to repeal Obamacare in 2017

According to the Democrats, a law allowing a record number of Americans to obtain health insurance, should be retained

Washington is preparing for a surge of legislative activity in early 2017. The Republican party, who will control both chambers of Congress and the White house, intends to give priority to attacks on the law on health care adopted on the initiative of President Obama and dubbed Obamacare. Because of this important for President Obama to achieve in the political sphere the number of Americans without health insurance declined significantly. Take control of the cost of insurance premiums, but failed.

“When it comes to “Obamacare”, the abolition means freedom – freedom from high payments, low quality of assistance and new broken promises,” wrote on Twitter on Friday, the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan.

Nearly seven years after the adoption of the law of insurance has a record number of Americans. This year alone, the program engaged more than six million people – and this despite the fact that the future of this law uncertain. However, the good news is not all.

“Unfortunately, the insurance becomes unavailable, says Christy Burdine of Pennsylvania, working in the retail trade. – The premiums are all constantly growing – constantly.”

A significant increase in insurance premiums occurred before Obamacare. But the underlying law plan, consisting in the fact that young and healthy Americans will buy health insurance and thus cover the insurance costs of older, did not materialize. A large insurance company out of the program, and the remaining raise premiums an average of 25 percent next year.

“We will cancel the disaster called Obamacare and create a new system of health care, carry out various reforms that will work for you and your family,” said recently elected President of the United States Donald trump, speaking to his supporters.

Democrats insist that the law should retain, not to abandon it.

“We want to try to improve this law. We know how it can be improved,” said Senate minority leader Harry Reid earlier this month.

Within a few years the Republicans promised to repeal the law. They hope that after: as trump becomes President, they will have the opportunity to do so.

“Right after the 1st of January we passed a resolution to abolish Obamacare .And then we will work at an accelerated rate to prepare a more effective proposal than current law,” said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

“Inaction is not an option,” added a Republican from Kentucky.

Democrats say that while Republicans have not released details of its plan to replace the law. Under pressure from reporters, McConnell said that the Republicans will be prepared later.