A border guard in Odessa region began to shoot to stop smugglers from Moldova

In the Odessa region border guards with a view to apprehending people who illegally smuggled cigarettes across the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, were forced to shoot. These data are reported by the staff of the press center of the gpsu.

How to write to the gpsu, last night in Cuciurgan Liman guards Belgorod-Dniester group found the movement of two people.

“Unknown persons with the help of the sled was moved from the neighboring state of contraband tobacco products”, – stated in the message of the guards.

When it came to border patrol, one of the smugglers tried to attack him with a metal object. Due to the fact that the offender does not respond to the words of specstrocom of the border, then they made a couple of shots into the sky from a firearm. Terrified, the men ran toward the border of Moldova, leaving 3 boxes of cigarette products of foreign manufacture.

Discovered 1.5 thousand packs of cigarettes will be transferred to fiscal service, and the identity of the smugglers continues.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that in Odessa region”covered” criminal activity of the border guards.