Vernidub: “If you get into LE, then you need to try at least to leave the group”

About the game in LA:

“First of all, we need to solve the problem with the Central striker. We were looking for and tried on the positions of the different players and the Kulaks, and the Bonaventure, and Paulinho, and Bezborodko. But the best option still never found. The second reason is that many teams have been a different attitude came out to play with Dawn. But no matter what anyone said, I will say that we failed in this tournament not a single game, given the composition of our group”.

“”Well-wishers” were saying we are going to play and by 0:5 and 0:6, but it was not. We lost, but impose the game to the opponents. A lot of chances they didn’t, somewhere officiating mistakes affected. All of this together and give such a result.”

The desire to once again play in Euro cups:

“First, we should strive to get a place in the group LE. This is an invaluable experience, both for players and for the coaching staff. If we get into Europa League, we need to try at least to leave the group”.

That was the most memorable in the Europa League:

“The game in Manchester. We lost 0:1, but the guys performed very well. To play successfully against an opponent of this level is worth a lot. And very pleased that we are not lost to MJ in any component”.

About Jose Mourinho:

“All that talking about him isn’t true. Mourinho is a very cultured man. I would not say that he had more self-esteem. Even in the relationship, which he showed in Odessa boys: all shook his hand, and took pictures and signed autographs. He is now not the best period in his career, because Manchester United is not showing the football, which would like to coach. But I think it’s all a matter of time.”