The first League. The results of the 1st half of the season. Rock

Forecast before the start of the season: the struggle for survival, 14-18 place

The current location in the grid: 17th place, 17 points

The rock was in the first League only by the extension division, finishing in fifth place in the second League team from Stryj increased in the class. But to the credit of Struan, they claimed the upgrade, losing the prize only because of unfortunate endings – the Rock lost the Ingulets and Flint. Perhaps because of this, the team was unable to grow properly before the start of the first League. Vasyl Malyk had to play the same squad as in the season 2015/2016.

But there are advantages – the Rock is probably one of the best children’s schools, which prepares players for the first team. In the composition of rock is most of their students among the clubs first League. Another issue is that young players need more experience, but it’s a matter of time, and the lag Rocks from the saving 15th place is only two points.

Can Rock to compensate for this lag depends on the winter off-season. If Vasyl Malyk can strengthen weak positions, it is likely that a Rock will rise in the standings. Despite not the best result, in his field, the Rock looked quite well, draws from Cherkasy Dnieper and Odessa looked like a loss of points. And the same away match against Illichivets and victory over Naftovik and Ear talking about team building, which will be seen in the spring.

Best player: Valery Bondarenko

22-year-old defender quite unexpectedly became a leader of the team, and keep Bondarenko in Stryi is easy, because the interest in the centre-back is already shown by the leaders of the first League. Bondarenko played almost the entire championship without replacements, with the exception of the fight, which was deleted. In addition to reliable game in defence, Bondarenko noted, and in attack, scoring three goals in the gate rivals.

Top scorer: Dmitry Skakun (5 goals)

The best match: spike – the Rock 0:1 (13.09.2016, 9th round)

Worst match: the Rock — Bukovyna 0:3 (27.08.2016, 6th round)

The Discovery: A Novel Gerich

Young goalkeeper Struan pleasantly surprised – Gerich almost the entire championship was held at a high level, demonstrate confident play on the goal line and, quite surprisingly for its age, successfully played at the outputs of the gate. Of course, not without mistakes, but given the age of the player and his inclinations, to expect progress from Roman Smack.

Disappointment: Barner Bright

Given the strategy of the club and great confidence to his pupils, the arrival of the foreigner in the Rock looks unusual. Because from Ghanaian midfielder/striker expected so much more, because Burner had to strengthen the team, and he’s a big part of the tournament was adapted to the new conditions and only showed a few times that he might actually be needed by the team. Barnor has potential, but it is unlikely he will have much time to implement it.

Optimum composition: H (Bilyk) – Stasyshyn (Bily), Podolyak, Bondarenko, Stasyuk (Antonov) – Klimenko (Kmit), Maksimovic (sheep), Horse (Brovko), ryabushko (Preslavski, boletus), Schwab (Burner) – Tsyutsyura (Bilal). Coach: Vasyl Malyk

What to expect in the winter?

Before the New Year Vasyl Malyk is planning to arrange a small gathering to view the potential players of the Rock, but the main job streane will start on January 20. The team will train in Morshyn, but on the second training camp not yet known. It is from the work in the transfer market will depend a lot if the Rock will be able to find the gain, to win a small gap from the Sum and the Inhulets ‘ is quite real.

Forecast: 16th place

Anatoly Kovalenko,