In the center of Moscow will celebrate Hanukkah with the lighting of vosmiklasnica, fireworks and dancing

Moscow. 23 Dec. INTERFAX – the Russian Jews begin on Saturday evening to celebrate the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah.

At the Revolution square will be the ignition Hanukkah – festive vosmiklasnica. The ceremony will be attended by the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. The evening continues with fireworks and cheerful dancing to traditional Jewish music, said “Interfax-Religion” in the press service of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia.

Sunday youth club “Enerjew” organizes for high school students, master-classes and treat them hanukalnye donuts, and the participants of the business club “Solomon” in the framework of the charity program will make a feast for the inmates of the boarding house with performances, games, dancing and treats.

26 Dec Jewish youth club “Jewell” invites young people from 18 to 30 years for the Chanukah evening on the fairy tale of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. The program ignition on Hanukkah, exciting adventure, and food.

As noted in greeting the Jews, the President of the FJCR Alexander Beard, Hanukkah – “a wonderful reminder of what true faith in God capable of any miracle, and the Creator in response to our sincere prayers will give us His blessing.”

“Our main task before God, to properly educate children, so they continued the traditions of our people, our faith, our culture. And the main task of proper education is the internal cleanliness. Clean not only body but also spirit, not only things, but thoughts and desires! To ensure such purity, need light it, Hanukkah is called “festival of light”! The light that shows the way, light is the purest, most spiritual, that is, in the material world”, – stressed in his turn, Lazar in circulation, which leads his press service.

Tradition associates Hanukkah with the Jewish revolt of 167 BC against the Syrian king Antiochus IV bans Judaism. The beginning of the uprising was caused by the execution of two Jewish women and their babies, who secretly had been circumcised, and attempt the forcible imposition of Greek polytheism. After the expulsion of the invaders of Israel and capture of Jerusalem by the armies of Judah hasmonea the Jews restored the desecrated and partially destroyed temple.

In the day of his consecration should ignite the main temple lamp, the menorah, the fire which is required to be sustained. However, oil for the lamp was very little, and on the required eight days. When with it, lit the menorah, the fire burned without interruption for eight days, while preparing new oil. In memory of this miracle, Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days, each night lighting the Hanukkah one new candle.