The brave soldiers of the ATO stopped the enemy dig in the Donbas: in the Internet appeared the video with is constantly fired by fighters of the village Lobacheve

The military is reluctant to allow journalists to work in the far reference point near Lobacheva. Too difficult way to the front. The road along the demarcation line sweep. With a strong point of the army of the insurgents was clearly visible.

Almost every night the militants opened fire from small arms. On provocation, the army does not react. Open fire only in case of threat to his life.

Saboteurs – the biggest concern on this front. That night a group of ten militants were able to go to the controlled Armed forces Bank of the Seversky Donets. Military warning shots forced them to return.

In front of the army positions – the village Lobacheve. The so-called “gray zone”, which is constantly suffering from attacks of militants.

To the village almost a kilometer needs to walk. The military say that this is a very dangerous area. To the rebels a few meters and the road is fully sweep.

Local resident Gennady says, almost two years Lobacheva was quiet. The attacks began here only in the summer. To protect themselves from bullets and shrapnel of the window, the man closed with sandbags. Still present in the village for the sake of the sick mother.

Most of the residents Lobacheva – pensioners. The youth with the beginning of hostilities departed. The nearest school is located on the occupied side. Parents are forced to send their children to study in Novoaydarskiy boarding school, 40 km from here. There is the nearest hospital.

Residents Lobacheva communicate with reporters reluctantly. Say tired to live in such conditions. Dream that everything will be as before the war. After all, militants controlled the neighboring Yellow is a school, hospital and kindergarten.