Scorched earth: action “pour” heavy artillery on the suburbs of Donetsk and Mariupol, near debaltseve not stop the attack

In the Donbass after several unsuccessful attempts to dislodge the APU with a new position on the arc Svetlodarsk mercenaries brutalized and opened fire from artillery of 122mm and 152 mm in almost all areas. 22 Dec invaders 22 times broke the ceasefire, the militants struck three times on human settlements.

According to Stabiae, on the eve of the gangs focused their efforts at the direction of Donetsk. Of artillery of caliber 122-mm and 120-millimeter mortars fired at positions of the AFU in the area of Lugansk, which is the arc Svetlodarsk. Village December 18, suffering from the fire of the mercenaries. Here is already destroyed several houses, shells “atamatov” fall in the gardens and courtyards of private buildings, punch the gas and tearing power lines.

Eve was restless also in Avdeevka, Novgorod and Verhnetoretskom.

In the area Svetlodarsk arc over the past day militants tried to attack the APU, both times the fighters ATO repulsed the enemy offensive. 22 Dec invaders three times covered Myronivka from 152-millimeter artillery.

Krasnogorovka, Starognatovka and Water under Mariupol defenders of the “Russian world” fired from “reserved” mortars.

In the Luhansk region suffered the Crimean, Popasnaya and Yellow.

Earlier it was reported that during the fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk APU fighters couldn’t take away from the battlefield three wounded soldiers ATO. Later, the militants gave the military body, which was obnaruzhenie terrible torture. In SCCC reported tokiev more than 110 times requested the silence, but the occupiers refused.