“Kill them, brothers!” There was a video like the Russians in Syria’s Aleppo kill old people and women, seeking the survivors

In “liberated” the city on the ruins of the darting Russian-speaking killers and finish off the survivors after the bombing of citizens. Gunmen shot women, old people and people with disabilities.

In the Network appeared
footage of the massacre of civilians of Aleppo. Some terrorists communicate in
Russian with an accent, which the subscribers assume that it is either Kadyrov’s men,
other fighters from the Caucasus and Central Asia, pomogayuschih dictator Assad
knock out the city’s opposition. Also attracts the attention of the voice-overs for
fluent Russian, call one of the accomplices, “Jeka”,
reports “Dialog UA”.

video – gang of assassins under the command of informer, talking over on the net
the Russian language,” – says the video yuriplavski, owner
video, posted shocking footage of Aleppo.