Jean-Marie Le Pen has compared homosexuals with the salt in the soup

Paris. 22 Dec. INTERFAX – Founder of the French party “national front” Jean-Marie Le Pen has assured Thursday that he has nothing against members of sexual minorities, if not too much.

“Homosexuals are like salt in soup: if it does not, it is a little bland, but if its too much, then it cannot be eaten,” he said in an interview with French journalists.

He commented on their reluctance in the past to accept the party representatives of sexual minorities.

In August of this year, J.-M. Le Pen was excluded from the party “national front”. However, he won in court the right to be the honorary President of the party, headed by his daughter marine Le Pen.

The party leadership has accused the founder of the National front, that a number of recent scandalous remarks J.-M. Le pen was weakened line and strategy of the party.

In particular, in early April, the TV channel BFM, J.-M. Le Pen expressed the view that the gas chambers were a mere detail of world war II.