Arsene Wenger says Mesut özil is not exempt from the dirty work of “Arsenal”

Arsene Wenger says Mesut özil is not a special case when it comes to dirty work, pressing and off the ball. Playmaker “Arsenal” was the focus of criticism with clips of him at a rapid pace during the defeat of Manchester city lit.

Mesut özil doesn’t track, but he wins possession more than you think

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“I do not give him freedom of action, when the team does not have possession,” said Wenger. “He needs to do his job, like everyone else, and usually he does it well. Mesut özil is an important player, a big player, and big players always respond to criticism on the field.

“His main strength is when we have the ball, and he suffers more, when we don’t. In the city, he suffered more than others because we didn’t have enough of the ball. Unfortunately, if you want to have the ball, you have to win it back.

“We suffered a little bit physically in the last two games. We have been twice 1-0 and started the game well. I felt that we gave a lot in Europe and in the Premier League. We were a little less fresh mentally to absorb the pressure of two great matches just got back from Europe.”

The questioning was stored in the house, but Wenger said that overall, the results özil highly in the statistics of the ball in the last third of the field. He is equal second in the League, tied with Alexis Sanchez. In fact the two have similar efficiency in this context may seem surprising, given their opposite styles, but Wenger insists temper özil often wrong.

“He’s a guy who works a lot harder than people think, and his body language goes a bit against him sometimes. We are a team that will win the ball high very well, so he and Alexis do their part of work very well. We had a deficit in winning the ball in midfield Manchester city”.

Mesut özil, the Ghost in the machine “Arsenal” picks a bad time for a painful game

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After two consecutive defeats at Everton and city, which has suffered so much positive has caused Arsenal, Wenger called on his players to bounce back when West Bromwich Albion visit the Emirates on Boxing day. “We are ready to fight and we want to answer,” said Wenger. “I think everyone is focused to do it.”

Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey returned to full training this week. Wenger looking forward to the opportunity to welcome them back into contention, but be careful with both players after a long period.

“Welbeck will take some time,” said Wenger. “Today is his first practice of the team. It’s fantastic because it’s like starting a new career, because it was for such a long time. But I’m a little cautious with the little failures you have, when you’ve been in a long time. You must be patient”.