A farewell “gift” from Obama to Trump: the White house took an extraordinary decision on oil production

On the eve of the expiration of his term, US President Barack Obama for saving the life of penguins, and in spite of his successor has banned oil production in the Arctic and the Atlantic. Proceed to the production of hydrocarbons, it will be possible not earlier than in five years.

Before leaving office, Obama gave Trump an unexpected “gift”: a decision of the White house the new administration will be able to revise only in 2021. Thus, the current American leader is going to prevent the extinction of flora and fauna, as well as to minimize the loss of indigenous peoples, writes,“Russian conversation”.

Also indefinitely banned the sale of rights to oil production at all sites belonging to the United States Chukchi sea and Beaufort sea.

Washington’s position was also supported by Canada.

It is worth noting that such a decision fundamentally contradicts the position of Donald trump. During the election campaign he emphasized on the fact that global warming is an invention that will not hurt him to develop the rate of growth of energy industry of America.

To change Obama’s decision Trump hardly under force: in 1953, a law was passed authorizing the President to block the sale of rights to develop offshore.

We will remind, between Kiev and Moscow, also do not cease gas disputes. Gazprom may pay a huge fine the Ukrainian party for a number of violations. Meanwhile, Incarnationalism the largest assets of the Russian gas monopoly.