US extra close their embassies and consulates in Turkey do not work many of the guardian called the reason

The U.S. Embassy in Ankara urges American citizens residing in Turkey to be vigilant, to follow the news and constantly be in touch with the American diplomatic office. The White house really fear for the safety of its citizens, especially after the murder of the Russian Ambassador and the subsequent later shooting near the American Embassy in Ankara.

20 December, it became known that the United States closed the Embassy in Ankara and
consulates in Istanbul and Adana. This happened after it became known osmarty after injury, Andrei Karlov, Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

more disturbing for the White house intensified after a while
near the American Embassy, a man began shooting in the air rifle. At
a lucky chance nobody has suffered, but the arrow was soon arrested.

what Andrew was Carlaviruses a young policeman during his speech in the gallery
Ankara at the opening of the exhibition. An hour later, Charles died in the hospital.

social networks, a wave of indignation users expressed canastasia guilty for what is happening in Syria and Aleppo are alive and well.

In addition
also it became known that in Moscow found shot dead another senior Russian diplomat.