Killed in Moscow the French taxi driver before his death given to drink poisoned beer: it turned out the terrible facts of the last moments of life of a foreigner in Russia

It became known that aliens got in a random taxi, and then they were gone. In the forest was found the body of Nicholas L, he’s one of those who was kidnapped in Moscow as a taxi driver for robbery. On initial inspection of the corpse, it can be assumed that the Frenchman could die from hypothermia.

But experts advise not to jump to conclusions, as the body of an alien
very iced, and it is possible that
soon will be announced the exact
the cause of death of the citizen of France in Russia. Remains unknown
the fate of his two companions, a young British woman and brother of the deceased
aliens who are not contacted.

According to some reports, all three guests of the Russian capital picked up
Moscow taxi driver, and when he realized that his passengers have a lot of money, he
decided to Rob them. The exact cause of death of the Frenchman say in the near future
time, it is noted that the situation is under careful control
Consulate of France in Moscow.

It also reported that 23-year-old British citizen,
who is studying at MSU and her two other brothers from France, decided to sit at the bar
“Crazy Daisy.”They then stopped near the club random passing taxis and
asked the driver to take them to the place of residence in Moscow.

Then it became known that the taxi driver offered them beer, taking
which, all the passengers became ill. Taking advantage of the helplessness
foreigners,the offender robbed them and took all the decorations, selected Android phones and tablets. It is known that
the taxi driver have detained.

Earlier it was reported that the attacker threw their victims in
the edge of the forest in Mytishchi, and left. Then one of the Frenchmen disappeared.

His body was found, the deceased young man was only 22 years old.