How the best private investors Russia earn the competition

15 December, ended the contest “Best private investor” that Moscow exchange holds every year for the past 11 years. This three-month trading competition to win in which you want to show the highest profitability trades on a particular market. Competitions are held nearly two dozen nominations, including “Best private investor”, “Best for options traders”, “Best trader in futures on the MICEX index”.

According to the curator of the contest Valery Skotnikov, head of the Moscow exchange for cooperation with private investors, this year the competition was attended by a record number of investors is 14.1 vs 13.4 thousand thousand people in the past. The number of active participants who in the course of the contest made at least one trade per year remained relatively stable versus 10.2 10.3 thousand thousand. The average daily turnover of transactions carried out by the participants also increased slightly: 31 billion compared to 30 billion roubles a year ago.

But the cumulative result of traders who participated in the competition for the first time in a long time was positive — 550 million rubles., said Skotnikov. Last year participants showed total loss of 350 million rubles following the results of competition three of the trader got the yield more than 1000%, while in 2015 no one could make it or not. Skotnikov explains it’s higher than last year, volatility in the Russian market.

Currently, the Moscow exchange completes the traditional check transactions leaders of the competition. After this, the trading platform will be able to officially announce the winners of the competition. The overall picture however is clear, because all transactions are reflected in the public statistics of the competition. As of December 19, the winner in the main nomination “Best private investor” — was a trader named pavel, the client broker “Ah Ti invest”. RBC talked to him, and also with the winners in the nominations “the Best trader on individual investment accounts” and “Best trader-millionaire” about how they managed to earn.

Paul Choi

Nick at the competition: pavel

Age: 32 years

Nomination: “Best private investor in all markets”

Yield: 1132,59%

Starting assets: 50 thousand.

By education I am a mathematician graduated from Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov. Now I live in Tver. Trading do with 2006. Initially I worked in Agrohimbank where they sold Federal loan bonds. There I got acquainted with the infrastructure of the stock market and have mastered the trading platform.

Since 2008 began to trade independently. Mainly engaged in scalping: first traded stock of the savings Bank, then moved on to the derivatives market and started trading futures on the currency pair dollar-ruble and gold. In the contest I am participating for the eighth consecutive year. By the way, I already won it in 2012 in the nomination “the Best private investor in the derivatives market.” However, under a different name — psp.

This year I have traded on the “spot” actions of the second and third echelons. The highest return I received on the shares of the group “Razgulay”. Algorithms and robots I don’t use, all applications expose yourself. I must say, during this competition the stock was the large swings. Literally every 2-3 days some kind of paper did step in 40%. Therefore, to obtain such a high yield — typically shares of the second and third tier not shoot with such frequency.

I similar securities actively traded and a half years, and to deal with them began about two and a half years ago. In a very illiquid stock I, of course, do not climb is dangerous. As a beginning investor, I can advise only one thing: no need to do the market main source of income.

Natalia Orlova

Nick at the competition: Smeshinka

Age: 53 years

Nomination: “Best trader-millionaire”

Yield: 216,78%

Starting assets: 3.7 million rubles.

In the contest I participated for the first time in 2009 — there were no nominations, but I walked the first hundred with a yield of about 70%. Then because of the crisis some time is not traded, and returned to the exchange in 2013. Originally wanted to just chat with the other traders and even could not think that something will win. However, in 2013, I won the same category — “Best trader-millionaire.”

This year I traded oil, and the strategy was same as always. Oil bought almost with leverage and well-earned. I usually getting into position to catch long moves, and so it was: the most powerful movement was after November 30, when it became known about the agreement of OPEC countries. In fact, I currently hold the oil think the price will rise.

I have a very risky style. I do not sell inside the day and do not make application for all. Some risk management, of course. I don’t put “feet”, but keep them in mind and try to trade without loss. In General, risk millions is not what to risk 50 thousand. So I think that nomination “the Best trader-millionaire” is the most difficult.

The first shares I bought in 2003. I then did some business and heard on the radio that Platon Lebedev was arrested and Yukos shares fell 30%. I decided that, most likely, he’ll be released and everything will be fine, and when going to buy YUKOS at such a discount? So we bought shares. Sell them the moment I do not plan, going to keep. Two months later, the price returned to the original levels and all was well until the moment when they arrested Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the market began a roller coaster. I realized that to hold the shares does not work, they need to buy and sell.

Alexey Kolosov

Nick at the competition: kaa

Age: 41

Nomination: “the Best trader on IMS”

Yield: 821,22%

Starting assets: 62 thousand.

I participated almost in all competitions. The constant trade is rather monotone and emotionless activity, and there is at least some entertainment. You can learn new information, to compare themselves with others. The strategy I have is simple: it is cheaper to buy and more expensive to sell. All the rest — the nuances, because all of the strategies, in fact, be reduced to the above.

On IMS I traded because there is less competition. This was a good takeoff on copper: in November the price rose from $2 per pound to 2.7. If I bought all the copper, could easily get almost the same amount. And if the jump was not, I would have earned about 300%. By the end of the contest was not very interesting: three weeks before the end, it became clear that I will not catch up with and do not want.

Doing trading since 1999, and almost always the income received from there, except for a couple of years when I worked in the “Discovery” — we opened a representative office in Chelyabinsk. It was very interesting at a time when the privatization: stock quotes, the prices kept changing, I started to read the magazine “Money”. In 1999, opened the scoring at the Ekaterinburg stock exchange, traded mainly by shares of “Gazprom” and futures on them. The expense on the FORTS I made as soon as appeared this market. Many participants do not understand what they trade and how the tools work, but on the FORTS you can earn a lot.

The novice investor is usually difficult to determine its risk profile: in my experience, if a man says he is ready for a 30% loss, he usually expects no more than 10%. Can you advise, firstly, not to invest large sums. Secondly, increase the investment horizon to twice and, thirdly, to always have the portfolio of spare money, so if you need to purchase a depreciating asset, which needs to recover in price.

Why you need this competition

On the contest website States that BPI allows you to show the opportunities available to private investors when trading on the Moscow exchange, and the yield that can be obtained with competent work on this site. However, experts surveyed by RBC, I doubt that the competition is able to increase the popularity of private investment in Russia.

In the opinion of the portfolio Manager FG “Finam” Alexey Belkin, the result of inflated expectations of investors and create a false impression about the opportunities that exist in the stock market. A novice trader, inspired by the success of the winners of the contest, quickly disappointed in the stock trading because you will not get as high results as they are, warns the financier.

“The obtained results are real, but to show such a high profit for a long time, taking high risk is likely to be impossible. And when the investor will face with the other party to such a risky investment-i.e. with the possibility of losing the entire capital, it can permanently leave the market,” explains Belkin. The expert adds that the contest probably will attract to the stock exchange speculators, who do not stay on the market for a long time and do not generate long-term capital.

The main strategist of FG “BKS” Vyacheslav Smolyaninov, agrees that shown by the winners profit is not a guarantee of earnings for ordinary investors. However, he admits that the competition promotes attention to the private investment from the Russians. The fact that every year the number of participants is increasing evidence of its impact on the target audience, total..