A French court has sentenced the head of the IMF: the Fund Manager left the country before the verdict

The current head of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde sued in France. She was accused of negligence during her tenure as Finance Minister.

In Paris today, December 19, the court issued a decision in the case
Christine Lagarde. A former head of the Ministry of Finance of France and
the current head of the International monetary Fund was accused of causing the state
millions in damage.

We are talking about the case to businessman Bernard Tapie, who sued
Bank Credit Lyonnais. Lagarde is accused of negligence, as it in 2008
driving minisztertanacson, sent the case to arbitration, and then
he did not appeal his decision.

According to the decision of the arbitrator businessman Bernard Tapie state
reimbursed more than 400 000 000 Euro.

The head of the IMF Christine Lagarde does not consider himself guilty of embezzlement
France 404 million euros paid to tycoon Bernard Tapie.

According to the court, negligence Lagarde has led to
improper waste of state funds. At the same time, the court has not announced her
no punishment or penalty. The very head of the Foundation left France yet
before the sentencing.

Also, the IMF has no regulations that provide for
the immediate resignation Lagarde in the case of recognition of guilt by a French court.

As reported by “Dialogue.Yua” earlier in Musavuli that the next tranche for Ukraine till the end of this year is unlikely to be granted.

And even earlier
reported, the national Bank sopredsedateli Ukrainepreteen if the country will not stop all sorts of riots, Ukraine may lose the ability to receive the next tranche of the IMF.