Trump massively is closing its projects in the East: it is known about the termination of activity in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Brazil

Company Trump Organizationотменила a number of transactions related to obtaining licenses for construction of facilities in Eastern Europe, Arab countries and in Brazil.

It is reported изданиеForbes, referring to the American TV channel ABC News.

It is reported that companythis Organization owned by U.S. billionaire Donald Trump elected President of the United States, announced the cancellation of the transaction for obtaining a license for the construction of a hotel in Azerbaijan. Added that such a scenario is being prepared for the deal in Georgia.

The channel also reports that Donald trump promised within five weeks before the official accession to the post of President of the United States to get rid of commercial assets owned by him. At the same time, the construction of facilities in Azerbaijan and Georgia were associated with people involved in politice.

ABC News recalls that this week was also cancelled in Brazil and the state of Delaware. Despite the fact that these objects did not perform any business operations, alleged, were associated with Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, the lawyer of the newly elected President explained that the developer of projects in Georgia and Azerbaijan has not fulfilled its obligations and the cancellation is “a normal reaction in business” and has nothing to do with the minimization of conflict of interest.

Earlier it was reported that Donald trump is going to appoint the head of the National endowment for the arts, USA famous altersrente Stallone.

Meanwhile,a panel of the American vyborskoye block of inaugurazione. Already 20 members of the Board stated that they would not support the policy.