The source said an emergency Cabinet meeting at the “PrivatBank”: the case for nationalization can fail in unpredictable ways

Today, December 18, may be set the final point in the case of “PrivatBank” associated with his nationalization. As it became known, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to hold a meeting, presumably it will be held on Sunday evening after 20.00.

Own sources “Commander-in-chief”
in pravitelstvennaya, most likely the meeting will begin at
20:30, today it can be finally resolved by acclaimed
the nationalization of the Bank.

Other details of the meeting until

Add that nationalization has Banklararasi after December 20. When depositors began
panic, the Cabinet reassured them by saying that nothing critical contributions not
will happen.

It was also reported that the owner of the Bank
Kolomoisky commenting on the situation around the nationalization of the Bank said that in
the financial structure still calm,but this issue will not affect its relations with Petro Poroshenko.