China to return captured U.S. drone

The US President-elect trump has described the capture as “unprecedented”

The Chinese leadership has said it will give the United States an American underwater drone captured in international waters of the South China sea. In response to the actions of Beijing elected President Donald trump said that the United States must make it clear to China that it can leave the device itself.

Trump will take office only a month later, however, he decided to intervene in the incident with the drone captured by the Chinese Navy on Thursday at the time of collection of unclassified scientific data. The US protested against the seizure, calling it illegal and demanding the immediate return of the drone. The Chinese side agreed to comply with these requirements.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “China steals research drone Navy in international waters – lifts it from the water and transports to China.” The President-elect called the act of China “unprecedented.” After China promised to return the machine, trump re-tweeted that the US “needs to be clear to China that we don’t need the stolen drone.” “Leave it!” he added.

The Chairman of the Senate armed services Committee John McCain said Sunday CNN that the seizure of underwater vehicle is a “gross violation of international law.”

Earlier this month, trump aroused the indignation of Beijing, answering the call of the President of Taiwan, Cai Inwang who congratulated him on his election. It was the first time since 1979, when the President or the President elect spoke with the leader of Taiwan. The current practice is part of a policy of “one China,” under which the U.S. recognizes Beijing as the only government in China.

Regardless of trump’s statement about drone, China accused Washington of “fanning” topic capture device “are inappropriate and do not help the case”.

The Ministry of defense of China stated that his warship noticed in the water “uninstalled equipment” and raised it for the purpose of “safety of navigation”. The Ministry claims that only later it was found that the raised object is an American unmanned vehicle.

Representatives of the Chinese military said Saturday that U.S. equipment will be returned “properly”, but did not go into details. The Pentagon confirmed the existence of understanding with the Chinese side.