China may back the US marine captured by drone

Now China’s military and the U.S. in contact regarding the situation with the capture apparatus

China on Friday accused the US of “fanning” topic of the seizure of the Chinese military, the American underwater drone in international waters in the South China sea at that time, as the military of the two countries are in contact to “properly deal” with the situation.

In addition, Beijing has accused Washington in the deployment “of the vessels in the presence of China to conduct military intelligence,” reads the statement by the press Secretary the Chinese defense Ministry on Saturday. “China resolutely opposes this and asks US to stop such activities”.

On Saturday morning President-elect of the Donald trump hit Twitter to China for the seizure of the device, at first called the act “bushpresidency”, later correcting it to “unprecedented”.

The Pentagon has used diplomatic channels to call for the immediate return of the underwater vehicle and demand that such incidents are not repeated. Despite the fact that the unit is unmanned, it is under the action of the sovereign immunity of the United States.

“This is an action that is not consistent with international law, said Pentagon spokesman captain Jeff Davis. Is certainly not what we consider to be commensurate with the level of professionalism of the military (China)”.

Davis told reporters that managed the civilian crew of the Oceanographic ship of the U.S. Navy was in the process of extraction of two undersea ocean of vehicles that stopped in the water 93 km from Subic Bay in the Philippines when it was a Chinese military ship.

A Chinese ship launched a smaller ship and captured one of the devices, while the ship of the U.S. Navy removed the second.

“There have been numerous radio attempts between the bridges to secure his return,” Davis said.

“(The Chinese Navy) has recognized the connection between the captain’s bridges, so it wasn’t a problem with the radio, but they ignored the request for his return”, he added.

Davis said that the Chinese did not identify the cause of the seizure of the U.S. unit, which, according to him, worth about 150 thousand dollars.

When a Chinese ship was gone, as stated by Davis, the only message of his crew to the US Navy ship was: “We are back to normal.”

According to the Pentagon, this unmanned underwater vehicle measures unclassified information, including water temperature, purity, salinity and speed of sound in water. The data help the use of sonar and going by the us military in international waters around the globe.

The two devices followed a pre-planned route and stopped in international waters of the South China sea for a routine operation to remove, said Davis.