Why Wladimir Klitschko is still too early to “prepare the ground”

After losing to Tyson fury, Ukrainian heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko has been criticized by various journalists, sports experts, and Internet trolls. Let’s analyze how the remarks of Volodya justified, and right there are those that argues that it is time to “retire”.

Wladimir Klitschko ascended to the top of Amateur Boxing by winning in 1996
The Olympics. Before that was the European championship, where the Ukrainian in the final lost
Russian Alexey Lesino, who then in Atlanta took a convincing revenge.
Therefore, it is possible to say that in professional Boxing Klitschko
went “unbeaten”.

However, in
Pro Boxing is totally different than in the Amateurs. If his older brother Vitali,
to practice more aggressive and hard style, here things went pretty
well, it is more “intelligent” Volodya experienced all
the “charm” of the fall to the canvas, and recovery in the hospital after
heavy bumps.

have long been with the titular fights to the belt of the Intercontinental champion WBC
but when he had, it seemed, was willing to fight for a more serious title on it
the path became strong cornman Ross purity. The greenback showed Klitschko,
and in Kiev, Olympic Boxing top is just the foot
higher mountains, which is professional Boxing.

the first defeat Vladimir was necessary to collect will in a fist and start
first. Once again the Intercontinental champion belt, for a different version.
Successful subsequent matches. Then the coveted world championship belt, however,
while not the most prestigious WBO.

And when
the number of wins Volodya on a professional ring has reached forty, he
happened to Corrie Sanders. Unlike the previous rivals, South African not
stood in the far distance, best tall Klitschko, and did not allow
shoot long arms; and abruptly broke off the distance and gets a beard
heavy like a sledgehammer, fists. In the end, Volodya did not last two
rounds – you have to start all over again. With Corrie Volodya never
was found, giving South African “at the mercy” brother Vitali.

Third defeat
Vladimir was followed by an even faster – now Lyman Brewster stopped him
to win the vacant WBO title. Winning the first 4 rounds, Klitschko suddenly
“went out” in fifth. Whether brought endurance, his opponent was just
“peretoptala”, or affected by other costs
“lubitelsky”, but it became clear that the principle of prepare for the championship
fighting Vladimir has significant flaws, and it was necessary to radically change everything.
This is confirmed by the fact that Volodya is a very disciplined person,
and unlike many colleagues, outside the ring, not abusing alcohol,
“substances” and other attributes of riotous living. Why not
physical form, but the skills and combat tactics, not sharpened
“Pro” was to blame.

Klitschko, making the right conclusions from such epic defeats, built
the correct method, after which we saw in the ring a different Vladimir.
Still intelligent, working jebba order to charge on
a crushing blow to the right. But still another. Came tenacity, more
a variety of movement. And the technology seemed to become more
interesting. However, with age, any boxer is more inert. Because
40 so the ring does not jump in 20.

the “ticking”, the age, Vladimir was approaching forty. But he continued
win. 11 years unbeaten fights, winning world titles in all
major versions, a few successful defenses. Some rivals have tried it
to demoralize before battle: one splashed with water and the bullied, the other trapped in
a time of rest and squatted in the small. Nothing
break through calm Volodya.

In 2013
Klitschko was subjected to indiscriminate criticism of fellow Russians when he won in Moscow
their “Vityaz” Povetkin. People were saying the Ukrainian boxer allegedly
tied opponent, did not allow that to box.

All this
nonsense, the rules Volodya did not break and fought not dirty like many
the “pros”. He chose proven tactics against lower
enemy: shot of that distance, and when Povetkin was trying to get into
melee – did the clinch.

And here
this – any boxer high growth will confirm that exchanged blows
in a close battle with undersized is stupid. Against anatomy not arguing – in
melee you just can’t deploy their own hands, as it can be done
lower opponent. Pure physics: short lever at the same time
always performs a greater number of movements than long.

here, what else Povetkin, who in the first rounds of Veuve Clicquot well
gained, often not so much was in melee, but simply stupid
climbed to the convergence – if only to get closer. And little was shown in the melee.

By the way,
then, in Moscow, and relatives Povetkin, another Russian audience with his
behavior showed that is not the Europeans, and the real
the plebeians. While Vladimir did not respond to the insults, and just played
his box like a guitarist in a corporate style.

And yet
all good things eventually come to an end. In November last year it had a
fight of Wladimir Klitschko and Briton Tyson fury, which is very frustrating
upset fans of the Ukrainian boxer.

And again –
indiscriminate criticism of our athletes. Appeals “to prepare for
the ground,” as randomly once stated his brother, who became a politician…
Ridicule, trolling, as if Klitschko was brought to Ukraine all the belts like
not the Vladimir brother broke the “black” tradition in the world heavyweight
professional Boxing and made Boxing his country.

28 Nov
2015. The 12th round… He was 39 years old. He loses on points more youthful and
quick to the enemy, over which there is no cargo of such liability, and which,
of course, much more motivation. Besides fury, for all its
technicality and speed of movement professes just dirty
Boxing. Remember how he specifically butted to strike the opponent dissection?

And yet
Klitschko found the strength and began to attack fury. I won this
the latest round. Yeah, I haven’t. On points not caught up. But not left beaten and

the reason? Age aside – physiologically Klitschko was less than
passport. “Fizuha” Volodya did not disappoint – the latest round clearly
showed. Technique? Yes, I think fury is more diverse Arsenal of strikes, but
if you view the statistics, in this battle, both fighters were not very inventive
both have very low shooting percentage.

Volodya was unable to adapt to a jumping fury of go back and forth, could not
to work against the tactics of the “fake second number”, which goes
from shock and sharply counterattacked? Perhaps, Yes.

time: fury above Klitschko, and his hands were longer. Consequently, there is not
good tactic that worked against Povetkin and other lower
boxers. There is already Volodya had to sharply reduce the distance and to impose
opponent melee. This Englishman to do almost given.

After the battle,
looking through the footage, and Volodya, and his team to understand it all. Experience of them though
plenty of errors were taken into account. Not zakosi Englishman “for a fool”
a rematch, we believe, would benefit Ukrainian.

Ask yourself, why did not account for these subtleties
before? Perhaps, underestimated the fury, who was acting as other type clowns
Briggs and Chisora. Intelligent, but strong Klitschko. Tactless and rude
rival. It seemed that everything goes according to the same scenario: Volodya gets into the ring
put in place the presumptuous CAD.

But things
different. Then the fury beat Klitschko. The happy end in this story
happened. Won’t a good hero, but just evil and nasty.

Troll fury was also a drug addict. He took a revenge, not giving the opportunity
for the “sequel” of this bestseller, being a “depression”.

failure is not over and he wanted to regain the vacated belt
and, beating the next opponent, to say fury: “Well, where are you, come here,
the conversation is not over!”

But the injury
prevented from doing so. Again you have to start all over. But Volodya has

And the
at least, he’s still ready to fight!

it turned out that the box does not let go and fury. English Troll decided to recover from
their addictions-depression and are already screaming that, too, “tear”
the heavyweight division.

Get well
both! And go back into the ring. Defeat the other competitors (and there are
serious boxers like Joshua, Wilder, etc.) and show us cool
rematch. There will be only one! Only Volodya!

Wolves, especially for the “Dialogue UA”.