“The lion king” became a national asset of the United States

Cartoon “the lion King” (Lion King) made the list of the Library of Congress. The picture Disney was released in 1994 and immediately gained popularity around the world. The film won two Academy awards, three Grammy awards and three “Golden globe”. After the cartoon came out to continue, and was raised a musical. Also, the Studio has announced the shooting of a feature film in explanation.

In addition to “the Lion King” in list of the Library of Congress was “the Birds” (1963) Alfred Hitchcock (Alfred Hitchkock) drama “the Breakfast Club (1985) (the Breakfast Club) and other paintings.

Each year, the national registry updated with 25 movies. Movies from the list are stored in the Library of Congress as part of the cultural heritage.

This year the total number of tapes stored in the Library reached seven hundred. Other paintings included in the list previously: “Ghostbusters” (Ghostbusters), “the Big Lebowski” (the Big Lebowski), “top gun” (Top Gun).