The fate of trump will decide the electoral College

The vote of the 538 members of the electoral College will be held on Monday

It’s been over a month since Donald trump won a victory over Hillary Clinton, putting an end to one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in U.S. history.

So it may seem.

However, actually, the result of the election will not become official until Monday, when voting will take place the 538 members of the electoral College from different States that will determine who will become the next presidents of the United States.

The electoral College is considered to be a formal authority and usually she paid little attention. But this year, some hope that the electors will not allow the victory of the trump in the presidential election.

The driving force behind the effort is a group called the Electors of Hamilton, after Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, which was one of the main creators of the electoral College.
Hamilton and other founding fathers believed the electoral College as a compromise solution between the position of the supporters of direct presidential elections and those who wanted the President elected by the Congress.

The electors of Hamilton attract the attention of the public to the fact that established by the founding fathers, the system was also to serve as a protection ward incapable of running the country.

“We honor the vision of Alexander Hamilton that the electoral body must, if necessary, to act as a constitutional safeguard against those who do not possess sufficient qualification to be President”, – said in a statement on the website of the group.

How does the electoral College

When American voters in November cast their votes for one of the candidates, formally they did not vote for presidential candidates, but for electors, or representatives, whose number in each state in proportion to its population. The electors in turn usually vote for the candidate with the most votes in their state.

If trump gets all the electoral votes from States where he gained the most votes in his Arsenal will be 306 electoral votes, not 270 needed for victory.

This means that, in order to “the revolt of the electors” was a success, 37 electors-Republican, contrary to expectations, should vote against trump.

So far only one of them has publicly promised to do so.

Elector named Christopher Suprun – paramedic from the city of Dallas, Texas. In a telephone conversation with the “Voice of America,” Suprun said he believes trump is not a suitable candidate for the post of President, as part of the billionaire in major international financial transactions is a conflict of interest.

Suprun also mentioned the insulting rhetoric trump against women, minorities, and others during the election campaign.

The Engagement Of Russia

Try “uprising of the electors” has attracted attention as the candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton bypassed trump, the absolute number of voice of the voters by more than 2 percent. Only the fifth time in American history there is a similar difference in the results of the voting by the absolute number of votes and the votes of the electoral College.

Tensions further increased after last week there were reports of the CIA that the Russian government, with the help of computer hacking servers of the Democratic party was trying to tip the election in favor of trump.

Trump called made by the CIA conclusions are unfounded, arguing that there is no evidence that Russia was involved in the activities of hackers or that Moscow supports his candidacy.

However, the growing number of voters concerned about the involvement of Russia in elections in the United States. According to Thursday reports, 67 voters had signed the petition briefing with the participation of intelligence before the vote on Monday.


A constitutional law Professor at Harvard University Lawrence Lessig earlier this week suggested that the 20 Republican electors might change their mind about trump. While this information is not confirmed.

If the elector does not vote for trump, he, in accordance with Federal law, are not facing any punishment. However, in 29 States and the district of Columbia have laws in varying degrees control how the electoral votes.