The autopsy of the Holy Sepulchre is not sacrilege, but a necessity, underlines the Patriarch of Jerusalem

Jerusalem. 15 Dec. INTERFAX – Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem urged not to see the sacrilege in the works on opening of the Holy Sepulchre.

“So it is impossible to raise the question. The fact that the Church of the Resurrection for many years already are the restoration work, and the only part of the temple, where these works are not touched, was Edicule, so it is in need of restoration, particularly the restoration of the burial cave of Christ, i.e. the Holy Sepulchre. That’s all it is,” said the Patriarch in an interview with the Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem.

As reported, on October 26 at the Edicule (chapel) in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the experts of the Athens Polytechnic University was removed the marble slab. Under them found a genuine burial box of Christ, carved inside the rock of the burial cave and represent a single whole with the rock. The work was carried out in the presence of Patriarch Theophilos, representatives of the Franciscan in a box of turned the Holy Land and the Armenian Patriarchate.

According to Patriarch Theophilus, the work is proceeding in accordance with the plan and will end by March 2017.

“So we can celebrate Easter next year at the Sepulchre” – he said.

The body of Christ after the descent from the cross was laid on a stone funerary couch. The current room and the previous cave, destroyed in 1009, called the Holy Sepulchre.

Over the burial place of Jesus in 1810, after a devastating fire, was built Edicule, which have not been restored since 1810. In the spring of 2016 for the first time in 200 years started large-scale restoration.