Obama: Russia is responsible for hacking attacks on the United States

The White house summed up the year and answered journalists ‘ questions

President Barack Obama on Friday held a final in the past year press conference.

At the beginning of the press conference, the President listed the major achievements of his administration over the 8-year period. In particular, Obama noted the decline in unemployment to 4.6%, the increase in the number of Americans who have health insurance. For the first time this figure has reached 90%.

According to Obama, the value of the US stock market has grown three times. During the work the Obama administration had generated about 15 million jobs.

Foreign policy

Speaking about foreign policy, among other things, Obama noted the number of American troops in “hot spots” of the world. He also said that among the achievements of his administration’s agreement with Cuba and the beginning of normalization of us-Cuban relations.

Obama stressed that he believes his political course on the resolution of the Syrian crisis is the most correct.

The bloodshed in Syria, according to Obama, lies on the conscience of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies Russia and Iran, which should continue to exert international pressure.

“Relations with Russia, unfortunately, has deteriorated markedly in recent years”, – stated the head of the White house.

Putin meddling in the election

Obama, answering questions from the press, also confirmed that Russia is behind the organization of cyber attacks on the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party of the United States.

It is important to check all aspects of this intervention to prevent this in the future, Obama said. He expressed hope that the elected President will show the same interest in solving this issue.