Obama promises to “take action” against those who interfere in elections

The President believes that such actions cannot be left unanswered

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said that the United States will take action against Russia or any other foreign state that attempts to intervene in American elections.

“I think there is no doubt that the attempt of any foreign state to affect the integrity of our elections, we need to take action. And we’ll do it,” Obama said in an interview with National public radio, which will air on Friday morning.

He added that some of these measures may be “explicit and public part – no.”

The CIA came to the conclusion that Russian hackers broke into the computers of the Democratic party to divulge sensitive correspondence about the election campaign of Hillary Clinton and thereby help the Republican Donald Trump to win the election.

According to a senior White house officials, this could not happen without the knowledge or participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Obama, the intelligence agencies are still pursuing “a number of assessments”, and he is waiting for the final report of who exactly was involved in the attacks and what their motives are.

“However, this does not detract from the main point: during the election, everyone understood that Russian cyber attacks were intended to create more difficulties for the Clinton campaign than to the campaign of trump,” he explained.

Obama declined to say whether he believes that Russian intervention was worth Hillary Clinton wins the election. According to him, crucial in the presidential election may play different factors, but there is no doubt that cyber-attacks impact on the situation.

He also did not say whether he believes that trump’s campaign was some kind of a role in cyber attacks in addition to using published materials in their own political interests.

Obama added that he feels “mysterious” Pro-Russian position of trump, who insists that Russia is not hacked the computers of Democrats.

“There are a considerable number of Republicans who persistently criticized me for what I am not rigidly behave with Russia, – said the President. – Some of them during the campaign was supported by Donald trump… This inconsistency makes us think that their position in Russia at any given day depends on political clientelism”.