He again engaged in publicity of the EU: now he calculated the damage caused Moldova’s Association with EU

Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova, issued an angry criticism of the Association with the EU. A Pro-Russian President decided to once again show his love of Russia and negatively about the EU.

Dodon believes that Moldova feeds Russia alone, and when they signed the Association agreement with the EU, it lost half of the goods supplied msrosieposiee, reports “Russian conversation”.

In the years 2014-2016 exports of Moldovan goods to Europe began to decline. He cited the example of the figures of the current year, when Europe was purchased a batch of apples in 1.5 thousand tons and exported only 55. “Therefore – in addition to the history, culture, Economics, in addition to the past and the future – we have with the Russian Federation and the General present”, – said the President of Moldova.

At the moment in the Parliament of Moldova Pro-European majority, however, said he is sure that if you hold a referendum, the majority of the population favors the community. More than 65% of Moldovans consider Russia a friendly country. “We do not have the Russophobia that exists in other CIS countries”, – summed up his speech Igor Dodon.

After 2014, Moldova and the EU signed the Association agreement, relations between Moscow and Chisinau deteriorated.

Earlier it was reported that Poroshenko presylvian legitimatising in Moldova in Moldova are legitimate, but it is waiting Dodon recognition of the sovereignty of Ukraine. The young generation of Moldova against the new President trebuet re-election.