The good news for the Ukrainians: the government has denied the rumors about the nationalization of “PrivatBank”, which should be provided with funds to refinance

NBU has allocated funds for the refinancing of “PrivatBank”, and soon the hryvnia exchange rate has stabilized.

On 14 December, the Ukrainian hryvnia has strengthened by
the interbank market for 5 cents. As explained by Yuri Grinenko, head of Department
dealing operations of “Aval”, at the tender offer
the dollar rose, with the result that the market has stabilized, according to the “Dialogue

The dollar
USA engage in the framework of 26.30-of 26.33 UAH/$.

on the interbank market, a marked imbalance was not seen. While the exchange offer was in
sufficient, hryvnia managed to strengthen,” – said Igor Gah, Deputy head of the
VTB Bank (Ukraine) Treasury.

interbank trading has increased significantly thanks to the activation of exporters. When
this treasurers allocate among the sellers of the dollar in international investment
the Bank, whose shareholder is Petro Poroshenko.

In Addition, MIBA
were also “PrivatBank”, FUIB, “UkrSibbank”, ING Bank
and “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”. In turn, buyers of the allocated OTP
The Bank “Alfa-Bank” and “ProCredit Bank”.

As noted
treasurers, on December 14th it became known that “PrivatBank” has received
refinancing from the National Bank of Ukraine; officially, this is not

The result
obtaining refinance was perceived by bankers as a sign that the temporary
the administration of “PrivatBank” in the near future will not enter, and
that the NBU will not leave alone with liquidity problems because of the beginning
panic customers.

because of the rumors about the nationalization of the “PrivatBank” rate us dollar
against the hryvnia have increased sharply.

In his
turn in “PrivatBank” assured that this is only a panic that
sow detractors, driving through messengers and call centers.

As previously
reported, guide
“PrivatBank” does not believe in the policy statement of Mikhail Saakashvili
on nationalization