DressUpBar: where to get dress rental

Before the New year, the festive Lunches, dinners, parties and other events is almost endless. And, of course, always want to look beautiful and original. Each time to buy a new dress quite costly. Therefore, the correct decision — to rent in DressUpBar.

In the show-room service presents a rich variety of models from luxurious to simple, and the cost of rent starts from 2000 rubles for two days. Services DressUpBar regularly use celebrity. For example, here the singer Alexandra Savelieva found a white outfit A la Russe for the ceremony Glamour “woman of the year” 201, a blogger and founder of the Jerusalem Bazar posed in dress DressUpBar for their latest lookbook.

You can choose a dress in the instagram service, or visit the show room in the alley Sivtsev Vrazhek.

22 December at 19.00 in honor of the opening of a new hour (!) beauty space Call Me, Baby DressUpBar invites all comers. The program styling, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow shaping.