Almost 50% of Ukrainians would vote for joining NATO, the survey showed

KIEV, December 14 — RIA Novosti. Almost half of Ukrainians would vote for Ukraine’s accession to NATO in the event of such a referendum in the near future, should be released on Wednesday the data of the poll conducted by the Center for social and marketing research “Sotsis” and sociological group “Rating”.

According to the survey, the NATO support 47.2% of the respondents, 33.6% of respondents were against joining the Alliance, 11% would not vote and 8.3% were undecided.

In addition, 60.7% of the respondents said that would vote for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union in the event of a referendum on this issue in the near future and 23.8% of respondents would have voted against.

The survey took place from 24 November to 2 December in all regions of Ukraine, except for uncontrolled Kiev territories of Donbass. The sample is 4 thousand respondents aged from 18 years, the statistical error does not exceed 1.5%.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in December 2014, amended the two laws, abandoning non-aligned status of the state. The new military doctrine envisages the renewal rate in NATO: Ukraine by 2020 to ensure full compatibility of its armed forces with the forces of countries-members of NATO. In December 2015, during a visit to Brussels, President Petro Poroshenko signed a “road map” between Ukraine and NATO “on military-technical cooperation.”

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier said that joining the Alliance Ukraine will need to meet some criteria, implementation of which will take a long time. Experts believe that Kiev will not be able to qualify for NATO membership next 20 years.

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