“Wait – see”: the tramp does not preclude the lifting of US sanctions against Russia

The chief of staff of the White house in the new administration Raines, Primas said that Donald trump has promised to maintain good relations with the Russian Federation.

At the moment, Pribas not going to put external
the administration’s policy.When the head of the White house in the new administration of the Raines of Pribas asked whether Donald trump to keep sanctions against Russia, he replied: “Wait – see”.About it
according to “Radio Liberty”.

Raines, Pribas just saying if you impose sanctions, it means
what do you need to enforce them. Believes Donald trump and
what direction it will go – you need to wait.

He also refused to rule out the possibility of lifting sanctions
against Russia the same day as the transitional team trump chose Rex
Tillerson to the position of Secretary. As you know, Tillerson supports
close financial ties with Russia.

Paribas also said Tillerson believes that the sanctions
was ineffective. And the reason for this is the lack of a mechanism to ensure their

As reported
“Диалог.UA” earlier, Advisor to the newly elected President of the United
States of America Donald trump Carter Paige said that despite
campaign promises of the new occupant of the White house, nikton, intends to withdraw sanctions against the Russian Federation.

And previously reported known
U.S. Senator John McCain, who calls Russia not only as
a gas station that pretends to be government, said that the new
the President of the United States Donald trump protobase to admit that Russia was able to intervene in
presidential elections in the United States.