Kolomoisky said that Ukrainians were victims of the attack on “PrivatBank”

Periodically, the depositors of “Privat” panic at the appearance of information on the nationalization of this financial institution.

All of these attacks on a financial institution, primarily directed at its customers. This is stated in the official comment of the press service of “PrivatBank” reports “Диалог.UA”.

The press service noted that the allegations of the impending nationalization is not that other, as attempt to destabilize the political situation in Ukraine.

Today in our country there are no legal concept and legal framework for the nationalization of any Bank, proven as stable.

Currently PrivatBank is working on the recapitalization program, which will last until the end of 2018. This program has been coordinated with the national Bank of Ukraine. In addition, the Bank performs all banking regulations.

The press service of the boasted results that could reach the Bank this year: he became the best in Ukraine and has got the rating of leading banks in the world.

Earlier we told whether there is a possibility of nationalization, “PrivatBank”.