Media: trump nominates Rex Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state

However, its approval in the Senate may prove difficult because of the close ties of the head of the oil company ExxonMobil Russia

WASHINGTON – President-Elect Donald trump on Tuesday announced its intention to appoint the head of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson U.S. Secretary of state, said Monday some American media.

Earlier, trump had tweeted that the name of the future appointee for the post of head of American diplomacy on Tuesday morning.

The entire 41-year career Tillerson is associated with the oil company ExxonMobil.

He maintains friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, trump called it “a world-class player and a man who knows how to make deals”.

It was argued that trump would have to offer another candidate, for example, the former Governor of Massachusetts MITT Romney, because Tillerson will be difficult to obtain the necessary approval support in the Senate.

But on Monday, Romney announced on social networks that his candidacy will not be extended.

Tillerson relations with Putin “cause for concern”, said on Sunday the Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed services, Republican John McCain.

Speaking at the University of Texas earlier this year, Tillerson acknowledged that maintains “very close relations” with Putin, whom he knows for more than 15 years.

Tillerson oversaw the conclusion of major transactions ExxonMobil in the oil and gas industry and opposed us sanctions against Moscow. In 2013, Putin awarded him the order of Friendship.

On Tuesday, the Kremlin gave a high rating Tillerson, calling him a professional.

Amid reports that the CIA concluded that Russia interfered in the elections in the United States in favor of trump, the candidate for the position of Secretary of state with close ties with Russia, could face scrutiny in hearings on Capitol hill.

Representatives of both parties advocate a thorough investigation of the alleged Russian interference in the election process in the United States.

Member of the Senate Committee on foreign relations, Republican Senator Marco Rubio also expressed doubts about the candidacy Tillerson, writing on Twitter: “to Be a friend of Vladimir is not the quality that I hope to see the Secretary of state”.

The current composition of the Senate is that if all the Democrats to vote against any candidate, and will join them at least three Republicans, the nomination will be rejected.

A supporter of clean energy Democrat ed Markey suggests that the administration of the tramp waiting for the “big battle, if nominated Tillerson”.

“We can’t afford to have the oil replaced diplomacy as the currency, U.S. Department of State”, – he said.