The Pentagon chief is in Israel to mark the arrival of the first F-35

Israel plans to purchase 50 American fighters of the new generation

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Monday visited Israel on the occasion of the arrival of the first two F-35 fighter new generation built the American concern Lockheed Martin.

Israel has become one of the countries that have ordered the new fighter, and has plans to acquire 50 aircraft.

Air force base in tel Aviv Carter welcomed the Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

He called the F-35 is a key element of the military future of the country, noting that the fighters represent “another component in maintaining air superiority in our region.”

The fighters were supposed to arrive from Italy in the second half of the day, but was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

The F-35 is criticized in connection with the excess cost, delays in development and problems during the tests.

The US President-elect Donald trump on Monday criticized the program on Twitter.

“The F-35 and its prices are out of control. Starting from January 20, it will be possible to save billions of dollars in military and other procurements,” he wrote. January 20 inauguration of a new President.

After the message trump the value of shares of the aerospace giant have fallen by 2.6 percent even before the start of trading.

14-month negotiations between the U.S. Department of defense and Lockheed Martin on the ninth contract for the purchase of F-35 ended the week before trump’s victory in the elections. According to the Pentagon, the contract value will exceed 6.1 billion.

During the election campaign, trump promised to reduce Federal government spending.

Last week, trump criticized another Aviacenter, Boeing, in one of his tweets threatening to cancel the order with new first Board due to a sharp rise in prices.