Children of illegal immigrants recommend to refrain from trips abroad

Lawyers fear that immigrants protected from deportation by Obama’s decision, can prohibit the return to the United States after the inauguration of the trump

Among immigrants caught in the US illegally, there are those who were in the country as children. Thanks to President Barack Obama they were protected from deportation, but today, some lawyers convince them to abandon foreign travel after January 20, when the office of President will join Donald trump.

Some activists, lawyers, and universities are worried that trump may immediately cancel the program Obama, which allowed young immigrants to work and travel with humanitarian, educational, and work goals.

They fear that this decision may cause some people in another country will not be able to return to the United States.

“We recommend you to complete all of the trip no later than 20 January in the case of major changes in laws or procedures, says Angelica Salas, Executive Director the Los Angeles coalition for the human rights of immigrants. We don’t want them in a situation of uncertainty, if they were not allowed to return to the United States.”

Unknown plans trump

The problem of illegal immigration has been the cornerstone of trump’s campaign, which promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico and deport millions of people living in the country illegally.

But what are his real plans is still unknown. He recently said he wants to focus on immigrants who have committed crimes.

In a recent interview trump Time magazine, he showed empathy for people who are in developed on the initiative of Obama’s Program deferred action for arrivals children in the United States, which began in 2012. Participants in the program is 741 thousand people.

“We need to develop something that people were happy and proud, – said trump. – They were brought here at a very small age, they worked here, went to school here. Some were good students. Some wonderful work. And now they were in impossible situations when they don’t know what will happen next.”

However, activists remain cautious.

A native of Mexico, Nancy Lopez-Ramirez is going to go to this country during the course of the City College of new York. 20-year-old student says she was very happy that their group will return to January 15.

“Mom’s worried that I won’t be able to return, and says what he wants, so I can come back,” she says.

“The situation is alarming, but I think in the end, this trip will be worth it,” adds Lopez-Ramirez, which was brought to USA when she was four years old.

City College, part of City University of new York, recommends that the participants of the Program of deferred action to return to the United States before the inauguration. Similar recommendations is the University of California, who asked administrators to inform program participants that “if they will be outside the United States as of January 20, 2017, there is no guarantee that they will be allowed to return to the United States.”

Trump may immediately take measures for the protection of immigrants, releasing a “Memorandum on current issues”, because that was how they were introduced Obama. This is the opinion of the President of the American immigration lawyers Association William Stoke.

He said that the participants are to refrain from trips abroad but the most exceptional cases.

How long will it take employees of Customs and border guard services of the United States, to begin to deny a program participants entry into the country if trump overturned the decision of Obama? Representative Anthony Bucci declined to answer this question, saying that his Agency “cannot speculate”.

According to the citizenship and immigration of the United States, as of December 31, 2015, at 22340 program participants received the right to travel outside the United States.

During the election campaign trump called the program “illegal Amnesty”.

Professor City College of new York Tatiana Klein, who organized the upcoming trip, said that the interest in it among students even increased after the election.

“Our bus is designed for 18 people, and we’re taking 20, she says. – I feel like this is the last opportunity.”