The Muslims of the Russian Federation called the barbaric shelling of the Russian hospital in Aleppo

Moscow. 8 Dec. INTERFAX – the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia expressed indignation in connection with the shelling of the Russian mobile hospital deployed in Aleppo, Syria, to assist local residents.

“We, Russian Muslims, are outraged that the militants, defying the canons of Islamic and human morality, has made the shelling of the hospital, the medical staff which performed their medical duty to assist civilians in Aleppo,” reads the statement of the Presidium of the tsdum, which leads the press service of the muftiat.

The authors of the document called the incident “a barbaric act of vandalism” and called on the international community to strongly condemn the deliberate murder of the Russian military physicians.

Particularly resent the fact that this heinous crime occurred on the background of the upcoming dialogue with leading world powers about resolving the situation in Aleppo, Syria. Strongly condemning the death of civilians in this city, we believe that the blood of Russian military physicians lies in the hands of the militants, as well as patrons and customers of this murder, all those who created, nurtured and armed these beasts in human form, calling them to justify “opposition”, – said in a statement.