The final operation in the Gulf: security forces today caught members OPG of a large-scale, looted tens of millions of dollars

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported on the final stage of the operation to capture members of an organized criminal group which attempted to foreign investors and embezzled tens of millions of dollars.

The head of the power Department reported today on his page in Facebook.

He said that this will be the second and final phase of the operation, which aims to demobilise a large-scale criminal group, composed of representatives of all levels of government.

“Today, the Department of defense of Economics and the Department of homeland security, the National police carried out the final operation on suppression of activity of criminal group, which included, besides government officials, local authorities, alas, and local judges, and Sbushniki, and the police and prosecutors,” writes Avakov.

He also said that with the participation of the criminal group were recorded and entered in the criminal proceedings are over 50 episodes, among which the manipulations in the local elections in the Gulf, which, in fact, came to power criminals.

Earlier, militiamen carried out the first part of the operation, which dealt with the protection of the rights of Estonian investors who have criminals extorted 50 million euros for the opportunity to conduct business in the resort area. In addition, the members of the group charged with arson of recreation facilities for the purpose of redistribution of land under them.

On the results of operation today, Arsen Avakov promised to report at the end of next week.

Earlier reported that the police bilaterians people involved in the gang, in operatii to capture which there was a fatal shootout between police and criminal investigation officers.