Paul Ryan is glad to cooperate with the future administration of the trump

According to the leader of the house of representatives, his disagreements with trump behind

After negotiations with the newly elected President Donald trump in new York, the leader of the house of representatives Paul Ryan said Friday that he is in joyful anticipation “of the work that remains to be done, grasp it in 2017 year.”

During the election campaign, Ryan periodically distanced itself from trump, in connection with some of the most controversial statements of the candidate-the Republican. Since then, however, according to Ryan, their relationship has improved and now he speaks with President-elect almost daily.

Meanwhile, the leader of the trade Union of Indiana Chuck Jones, who drew the IRE of trump, criticizing his plan to save hundreds of jobs at one of the factories of the state, said that he is ready to discuss with the trump situation, if the elected President is really serious in his intentions.

Trump criticized Jones on Twitter following a statement by Jones that the elected President has overstated the number of jobs that were saved as a result of the agreement on the prevention of outsourcing to Mexico jobs Corporation Carrier brokered trump.

“Chuck Jones, who is the President of trade Union of Steelworkers since 1999, is a disgusting representative of the interests of workers. No wonder companies are fleeing the country!”, – trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

A few hours after the publication of tweets, Jones, according to him, he began to receive threatening phone calls. Among other things, the caller reported that they knew what Jones drives a car.

New rallies and television show Celebrity Apprentice

On the agenda on Friday, trump was a rally in Louisiana, the purpose of which is to increase the majority in the Senate, the leader of which trump will be when you take the post of President on January 20. In the city of Baton Rouge he was to campaign on behalf of Republican John Kennedy in the last round of Senate elections. If Kennedy wins, then the Republicans in the Senate in the majority (52 Senator, against 48).

Friday was also the planned “tour of gratitude” with the participation of trump in Michigan. This state in November greatly contributed to the victory of the candidate-the Republican on the opponent from the democratic party Hillary Clinton.

Also on Friday, the producers of the popular American TV show Celebrity Apprentice said that trump’s name will remain in the program credits as Executive producer even after he becomes the Supreme commander of the country.