Obama ordered intelligence agencies to check foreign intervention in U.S. elections

In October, US intelligence agencies stated with high degree of certainty about involvement in the attacks Russia

President Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to investigate cyber threats and foreign interference in electoral campaigns of the US since 2008, said the Deputy press Secretary of the White house Eric Schultz on Friday during the daily press briefing.

According to the White house, the report should be presented to the President, Congress and other stakeholders before Obama leaves office January 20. Schultz, assured that the government will try to make the report open to the public “as much as possible,” but noted that it may contain classified information, which is not subject to disclosure.

Schultz recalled that in October, U.S. intelligence agencies concluded with “high confidence” that Russia was involved in a series of cyber attacks against the Democratic structures of the party ahead of the presidential election on 8 November. There is reason to believe that the attack was sanctioned “at the highest levels of the Russian leadership”.

In this regard, said the representative of the White house, Obama warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the consequences of these attacks.

Informed about the order to start checking said Advisor to the President for homeland security Lisa Monaco during the event, organized by the newspaper Christian Science Monitor.

“The President instructed the intelligence community to conduct a full review of what happened during the electoral process in 2016 … and to draw conclusions and to bring them to a number of stakeholders, including Congress,” said Monaco.

Monaco said the cyber attack was not something new, but this year may have crossed “a new threshold”. According to her, when she worked at the helm of the FBI in 2008, the Agency warned of pre-election staffs of Senator Barack Obama and his rival Senator John McCain that China has made a penetration into their system.

On the question of how does transition team of the elected President of Donald trump’s sufficient concern about Russia’s influence in the elections or in connection with other threats to the United States, such as outbreaks of infectious diseases, Monaco said it is too early to talk about it.

As a presidential candidate, trump gave high ratings to Putin and encouraged Russia to find a missing correspondence of his rival Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of state.