Finland’s Prime Minister has told Moscow to avoid the extension of economic sanctions

The European Union is not ready to lift economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, while there is no unanimity among its members, this is possible only if Moscow certain requirements.

Russia should fulfill the Minsk agreement. Such conditions, according to the Prime Minister of Finland Whii Sipili, put before the Russian government reports “Диалог.UA”.

For the lifting of sanctions are the heads of Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece and Finland. While the leaders of many countries have decided not to lift the sanctions, but rather to extend them.

The head of the government of Finland stated that it is skeptical about the lifting of sanctions, as Russia is in no hurry to implement the agreement signed during the Minsk agreement. Moscow believes that to link the lifting of sanctions, and the Minsk agreement is impossible, as Russia is not a party to the conflict in the East of Ukraine and takes part in regulating the situation in the Donbass.

Economic lock Lossiemouth to be extended for another six months during a meeting of leaders of European countries, which is scheduled for 15 December of this year.