The man who chased the Deputy Luciana Berger online, to jail for two years

A man who was molested by Luciana Berger, member of Parliament from the labour party, in the string of anti-Semitic online rant was jailed for two years after the trial in the old Bailey.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 24, wrote five hate blogs about Berger, member of Parliament for Liverpool, a safety Deposit box. He had called her “mistress” and “evil money-grabber” with “deep-seated hatred of men”. In one of them he claimed that the number of Jewish deputies work “problems”.

He illustrated his posts with offensive images, including rat-face Berger imposed on him, and welcomed the “filthy Jew bitch” campaign, led by the white racist us daily Stormer as “fantastically successful” after the Deputy was sent to 2,500 tweets.

Giving testimony, Berger said the posts made her feel sick and “under attack”. She told the jury: “it is fair to say I cared I never was about my personal safety since I was elected … in the midst of the “dirty campaign” Jewish bitch the police were in constant contact with me. They were in my office and at home and helped my personal security.”




Abuse of anti-Semitic trolls had profound implications, says Berger Luciana

The court heard Bonehill-Paine was a history of abuse online, leaving a trail of destruction in the lives of those with whom he decided to “pick up the dispute”.

Bonehill-Paine, who smirked in the dock as he was found guilty on Wednesday was already serving a sentence of three years and four months for inciting racial hatred with a flyer for a neo-Nazi rally in Golders green, North London, this was illustrated with the image of Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp.

While he was posting abusive blogs about Berger, Bonehill-Paine, of Yeovil, in the County of Somerset, was released on bail pending sentence for false statement in Twitter that several people were pedophiles. Sentencing, judge Spencer told the defendant that he had “amassed a formidable record of crimes of hate” at the age of just 24.

The judge took into account that he was supposed to be released in April 2017, but said the consecutive sentence was “fully justified”.

He also introduced the order of the criminal conduct for which punishment till five years of imprisonment, prohibition of the Respondent directly or indirectly connect Berger, her former assistant and others.

The police will have the authority to control Bonehill-Paine online activities for the duration of the order, which is effective on his release from prison. “It is abundantly clear from all the evidence in the case and the material I was provided, that he is tenacious in the use of the Internet as a retaliatory weapon against those with whom he wants to take the dispute,” said the judge.