Media Assad: the Israeli army bombed an airbase near the Syrian Damascus

It is reported of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, on this night, an unknown number of Israeli rockets hit near Mezzeh air base located outside Damascus. In the course of the accident victims are not obnarujeny.

At three in the morning (01:00 GMT) Israel fired several missiles “ground – ground” inside the occupied territories. This writes geinformeerde SANA with reference to the military vedomctva, reports “USN-1492”.

According to them, the missile warhead was launched from the place which is located to the West of mount tal Abu Nada, which is located on the territory of Israel – the Golan heights – which is called Avital.

Syria noted that there were no injuries.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights earlier reported the sounds of explosions in the area of the airbase and said that there is later a fire broke out. The true source of the explosions is not yet confirmed.

Mezzeh air base, located less than eight kilometers to the southwest of Damascus is the headquarters of intelligence of the air force and the infamous prison.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed thatin Aleppo was the girl who asked Putin and Assad to stop bombing residential neighborhoods.