Leaders of six countries have condemned Russia’s attack on civilians in Syria

The Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Canada, as well as the US President and German Chancellor issued a joint statement in which he criticized the Syrian authorities for attacking civilians. Also there was criticism of the foreign patrons of the Syrian government, especially Russia.

The statement said that 200 thousand of civilians, including many children, cut off in the Eastern Syrian city, which lies in a military siege. This is with reference to TheGuardian reports “Диалог.UA”.

Residents not only suffer from attacks, but are not able to receive any humanitarian assistance.

“Aleppo is exposed to daily bombing and artillery shelling by the Syrian regime backed by Russia and Iran – said in a statement. Images of dying children heartbreaking”.

Teresa Mae, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Justin Trudeau and Matteo Renzi believe that all sides fighting in Syria must comply with international law, including the Geneva Convention.

Earlier, we were told that the Syrian girl from Aleppo asked Putin to stop the bombing. The world community is closely following the developments in Syria. At the end of November in Paris, held an emergency zasedenosti of the UN.