Sailed on the “scrapie”. The number of Russians asked for asylum in the “most hostile” country, the United States, almost reached a 22-year-old record

Thus the Russians were close to that of the “dashing” 90s, when the iron curtain was gone, and at the same time to live in Russia was very difficult due to the economic crisis.

Radio Free
Europe, citing data from the Department of homeland security, the United States reported
that in 2016 the number of Russian citizens who requested asylum in the United
States peaked in the last 22 years, reports “Dialog UA”.

This is the fourth
consecutive year the total number of Russians applying for asylum. In the fiscal year
ended 30 September 1912 feature requests from the Russian Federation.

by the way, in comparison with 2012 the growth amounted to 31% in four years – 164%.

For reference,
a record number of citizens requesting asylum in the United States, was delivered in 1994
year – then applied 2127 Russians.

what “the enemy” according to Kiselev TV country USA is
the leader among the countries where the Russians run away. Even more citizens, “duhovnosti”
States go to Europe, which remains the most popular destination of them
emigration. In 2015 the EU has received more than 18 thousand requests
asylum from the Russians – 30% more than the year before.

At the same
time, we know that for the first half of 2016, according to statistics,
applicants from Russia was already 11465; therefore, if the pace continues, the growth
at the end of this year will be about 30%.

but the most popular among Russian immigrants, the country is Germany – there for
10 months 10172 received a request for asylum from citizens of the Russian Federation.

Grebenyuk, prepared the study of migration flows for Central
strategic research Alexei Kudrin, says that the total outflow of human
of capital from Russia is much higher than requests for asylum.

According to
the expert, for the last five years, Russia has left from 500 to 600 thousand
people, primarily working people, besides having the highest

Recall that Spanish police caught on
its territory dozens of illegal immigrants from annexed Crimea. When
the enforcement agencies directly link the events with the capture of the Ukrainian
of the Peninsula by Russia.

As previously
it was reported that controversial actor and singer Nikita Dzhigurda, who visited in 2014 and
Euromaidan in Kiev and separatist rallies in Donetsk, called them illegal and threatened
expelled from Russia.